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The Project In Numbers

We have been excited to serve IKEA . When our service is needed, IKEA staff can always rely on us. It is lucrative for any business to provide safe and great looking environment to its customers. When mirrors in the public bathrooms were damaged by vandals, service outside of working hours was required.

Project Brief

Our team was there for IKEA to remove all damaged mirrors in the bathrooms; to take new measurements; to fabricate 12 mirrors according to the IKEA requirements (all mirrors to be safety backed and adhered to tile walls. All large mirrors to be framed into aluminium frames at the bottom. All small mirrors to be placed into existing frames); to apply LLUMAR 4 mil GRAFFITI FILM (as a protective measure) to all mirrors; to deliver and install all mirrors during non-business hours between 11pm and 7am in Brooklyn location. This job was completed by us in February, 2016 and two other jobs were done by us in June 2016 and January 2017 . - This is short description: in the man’s bathroom lobby, scratches were detected on 2 big mirrors. We removed old graffiti film and applied new graffiti film x 2. IKEA staff was grateful.

  • Year:2016-2017
  • Client:IKEA
  • Description:Big Mirrors working

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Our Approach

This is mirrors work done by us for a business customer in Brooklyn, New York.

  • Meeting up @ the job site to discuss job details.
  • Mirrors measurements are taken by a Specialist.
  • 1/4" mirror is cut, edges are polished, protective film applied.
  • Mirrors are delivered to job site during non working hours.
  • Old mirrors are removed. New mirrors are installed.
  • Old mirrors are taken by us to the shop to safely dispose.
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