Reiss Store NYC

The Project In Numbers

We used 1/2 tempered glass to meet our customer’s demands for safety and durability. The sizes varied from 3 feet by 9 feet to 3 feet by 10 feet. This installation required our team's professionalism and hard work to achieve desired results. Like with most of our jobs,demands were high and time was tight. Nonetheless, the project was finished on time and all criteria was met impeccably.

Project Brief

This project was done by us in cooperation with another glass company as an urgent request. As we received a call, it took us around an hour to get to the job location, another hour to take the measurements, and about 2 hours to precut glass for tempering. After glass was tempered, we prepared tools and delivered ready glass for an installation. Installation process required putting glass into opening and then sealing it with silicone.

  • Year:2007
  • Client:REISS Store
  • Description:Glass display & Storefront

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Our Approach

This is a sample of glass works done by us for a business customer in Manhattan, New York.

  • Meeting up @ the job site to discuss job details and take measurements.
  • 1/2" glass is cut, edges are polished, all glass is tempered.
  • Glass is delivered to job site and installed by us.
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