Euphorie Cosmetics Store

The Project In Numbers

A considerably young and thriving cosmetics store needed a solution to bring their interior look to the highest levels in trade. Our design team came up with an innovative solution. We covered a whole wall with a black mirror to create visual depth and to make the interior look spacious. Plus, adding custom silver painted store logo, definitely added a new dimension to the overall look and feel of the store.

Project Brief

The installation was not easy. The limited store space required our team’s innovative approach and talent in designing a way to not only bring the piece in, but also make sure it is safe and long lasting. That was definitely the biggest size black mirror we have ever installed. Challenge taken, wow factor achieved!

  • Year:2015
  • Client:Euphorie Cosmetics
  • Description:Mirrors + Design

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Our Approach

This are mirrors w/ design done by us for a business customer in Brooklyn, New York.

  • Meeting up @ the job site to discuss job details.
  • 1/4" oversized mirror is cut and edges are polished.
  • Sandblasting design is done by our Designer.
  • Mirror is delivered to job site and installed.
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